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7 advantages of electric cars

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You want to buy a car and choose between a traditional and an electric one ?  Don’t worry, we give you 7 advantages of the electric car to take the plunge and opt for the future !

1/ Driving comfort :

Definitely, one of the most obvious advantages of the electric car is the driving comfort. Due to the absence of clutch, forget the engine starting problems even in winter !  Furthermore, the engine is quiet and still allows to reach the 100 km/h sometimes in less than four seconds !

2/ An environmentally friendly Car

As important asthe first, the second advantage of the electric car is that it preserves the environment. Indeed, this kind of car is 100 % eco-friendly and run only on electrically powered engines, therefore it produces no smoke and no greenhouse gases.

3) Reduce Noise pollution

Both of gasoline and diesel engines are often unpleasant and prevent the peace of pedestrians. Thanks to electric cars the problem of vehicle noise pollution is solved. It’s not only good to the surrounding environment, but it also makes the driving experience more enjoyable and allows the driver to be more concentrated and focused.

Les avantages de la voiture électrique

4) Renewable energy

In the near future, most cars which run on fossil fuel are doomed to disappear, and electric cars will be the main alternative. Thanks to the multitude of advantages of this solution, without forgetting that it also improves and optimizes the use of available energies.

5) The engine of the electric car

The engine of an electric car is almost flawless. It allows users to recover some of the initial costs by saving on maintenance and gasoline. In addition, the battery of the electric car is rechargeable at home or in the electric reloading facilities provided in some major cities of France and Belgium.

6) The purchase price

The purchase of an electric car is subject to numerous purchase bonuses. To encourage consumers to make the greener choice of electric car, Belgian government offers great incentives also : like tax rebates or special allowance.

7) Low Maintenance

Electric cars runs on electrically powered engines which are very reliable and robust. In fact, Very few maintenance expenses will be required, except for the electronic part of the car.

So, Get an electric car, Save your money and the environment also !